aHAND4 Life! - Directors, Class E!

Class E Directors!


those interested in helping People with a chronic, Significant Physical Disability due to Development
live with better care, safety, self-reliance and happiness!

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aHAND4 ® Life!'s Class E Directors are foremost esteemed Professionals from a wide variety of industries and vocations. They have reached high levels of management and/or ownership in a Corporation, LLC or Partnership, and have excelled in such position(s) for at least fifteen (15) years. They are currently in good standing, or have retired from such a career with success and in good standing.

These Directors/Nominees have reached a "Mastering Level" as we define it, and as the Public would typically ascribe - they have earned a high school diploma and a four (4) year post-secondary education degree, though twenty (20) years cummulative ownership or management excellence as above in a Corporation, LLC and/or Partnership can substitute for a college degree.

All Directors/Nominees must also have demonstrated leadership capability and motivation to serve in this important Directorship category. Each must possess a unique and substantial ability to influence the growth and operation of this organization in service to our charitably disabled Membership.

All Directors/Nominess must also meet (and ongoing) General Membership, General Directorship & Specific Class Directorship requirements below.

  • Our goal is to secure long-term Directors of distinction from within each Membership Class. Join Us!

General Membership Requirements

All Directors/Candidates must become members first of the Class best befitting their qualifications.*

General Directorship Requirements

All Directors/Candidates must also meet the General Requirements of Directors as summarized in the following link*:

Specific Directorship Requirements

This Class Directors/Candidates must possess the following ADDITIONAL SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES for accepted Nomination in this Class*:

•  Must meet all the particular requirements listed in the Introduction above; PLUS

Specific Directorship REQs (cont.)

•  Have substantial, successful and good standing professional management experience and occupation and accomplishment (i.e a thriving career), in private or public corporations, non-profit organizations or foundations, or government, or private practice, or be voluntary retired after such a long (20+ year) career; PLUS

•  Preferrably have SOME (>2 years) "not-for-profit" Corporation and Public Charity (501c3 "tax-exempt") experience as Director, Officer, or Senior manager; PLUS

•  May also be a person of disability themselves, but may NOT be a PSPD, as requirements for Class A are exclusive of any other Class of Membership. As well, a Professional may not meet the qualifications of any other Category, or must Apply within that other Category. This Category is reserved for Professionals without any other Qualifications unique to our Mission and Vision.

* NOTE: all General and Special Membership and Directorship requirements above are pursuant to the Article, Bylaws and Policies of the Organization, including substantial majority (>90%) approval of the Directors.