aHAND4 Life! - Donation Policy

Donations Policy.

All Donations are Final.

All Donations of any kind to aHAND4 Life!, whether Cash, Check, Credit/Debit, New Things!, Gifts-in-kind, volunteer time, etc, as outlined on our site, once provided to aHAND4 Life!, are final at the time provided to the Organization. We wish to receive donations only from people who are convinced of the value of our Organization, our Mission, Vision and Plan of service for our Charitable Membership and Clients.

To avoid any misinformation regarding our Plans and Goals and use of proceeds, we have included substantial information on our public website, social medial sites, and printed literature. This information is substantial - more than most US private corporations would provide. We have done so in the spirit of "disclosure" and "transparency" that is recommended by IRS and State Tax Boards for Non-profit Public Charities. We trust you have found the inforation we have provided helpful to your decision in making a tax-deductible donation to our Organization.

As a practical matter, you can imagine the overhead alone of any other refund policy than this would substantially limit our ability to deliver on our promise as an Organization to you, the Donator, to provide among the "highest-in-class" efficiency (85%) of donations-to-service in the Industry of Public Chartieis. We have promised this by unanimous ratification of the Directors, and Donators can be confident we will provide 85% of the benefit of donated Cash or Things! IN DIRECT BENEFIT to PSPD Members (vs. Indirect "overhead" expense)!! No IF's AND's or...

  • Fair Market Value (FMV) of "Non-Cash" Donations is determined IN ADVANCE!

FMV determination "Goods or Things!" Donated TO aHAND4 Life!

To further maximize our ability to serve our charitable beneficiaries PSPD Members with Services and Things!, we minimize what amounts to "dilution of donations" to the Organization, and thereby overstatement of donated value reported to the United States' IRS. The Organization always determines "Fair Market Value (FMV)" of items donated, as follows:

aHAND4 Life! will determine Fair Market Value of all "non-cash" donations BEFORE DONATION, in writing, based on reliable, equitable, industry-standard data sources, and provided by an Officer of the Organization, typically our Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Upon agreement with the donator of "the value", and exchange of goods, the Organization will provide a tax-donation receipt with the determined value (above) listed as the donated "FMV". This number is the amount to be reported to the US IRS.

We believe our policy in regard to FMV determination is in the spirit of true charitable giving, which we encourage, and wish to participate in. Therefore, we WILL NOT ACCEPT donated goods in any other fashion, and do not endorse such practices by others. We understand "other non-profits" may be more "liberal" in their policies, however we believe this only hurts the beneficiaries in the end, either directly or by reduced governmental relief by fewer tax dollars. We consider our process fair, duly considered, and with your informed consent. Thus, as stated above, our policy is that all donations of any type are final. No other claim FMV determination of donation made to the Organization will be accepted or honored. Any other practice by a donator MAY be considered by the Organization as a likely indication of potential fraud, and we reserve our rights in these matters, to the fullest extent permitted by law. Our apologies for any inconvenience, and we DO appreciate your best donated Goods (Things!).

FMV determination of "Donated Goods" purchased FROM aHAND4 Life! (Items & Memorabelia)

aHAND4 Life! will offer from time to time, "Donation Goods" that may be purchased by the Public as a "Donation" (e.g. "baked goods", "t-shirts", etc). The US IRS is clear on its policy in regard to such donations, and our responsibilty in reporting such donations received from the Public. All such "donations" are the amount that EXCEEDS the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the item purchased. Typically for most items, that is a value a small percentage above the "Cost" of the Item, as would be typically sold in the open market. The Organization then provides on its Donation Receipts noted above, the FMV of each such item purchased, so the donator has record of the actual donation value that may be consider "tax-deductible". On one item receipts, this is usually located at the bottom of the receipt. It is the Public's duty and our responsibility to utilize only the DIFFERENCE in "Donation Price" and the FMV in our reporting of charitable donation amounts. For futher detail and your advisement, please consult your tax-advisor or tax attorney.

All Donations are promptly responded with an Official, Original Organization Receipt!

aHAND4 Life! will provide our valued donators (You!) with appropriate tax-deduction records for your donation, in a manner that also attempts to minimize fraud against the Organization and the US.

aHAND4 Life! will respond to all Donations, whether online credit/debit, by check or cash, or of new Things!, Gifts-in-Kind, purchases of Organizational "donation items or memorabilia", etc, promptly, at the time of donation, with an official original (or scanned equivalent) receipt on our official Organization Letterhead. For items with need of determination of FMV, as stated herein, this will be in advance of the donation. As well, for Online donations by Credit/Debit card, several days is required for funds transfer, which is followed by issuance of the above noted Receipt. In all cases, our Receipt will include the correct, agreed on "Value" of the donation (including the Fair Market Value (FMV) as applicable). Such will also be signed by the Chief Financial Officer of the Organization, who will also make a duplicate original for the Organization's records (including IRS reporting). We encourage our Donators to save this record as well and include as appropriate for your appropriate tax deduction each year-end.

No other claim of donation made to the Organization will be accepted or honored, as such then likely then involves an attempt of fraud. The Organizations reserves all its rights in these matters, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Our advisement AGAINST Donating Cash or by Money Order - Let's Prevent Fraud!

No Cash or Money Order Donations accepted unless made to an Officer of the Company

In our attempt to minimize fraud against the Organization and the United States involving "cash donations", and particularly involving US Mail (see next paragraph) aHAND4 Life! will NOT acccept Cash or Money Order donations - unless made directly to the President or Chief Financial Officer of the Organization who is further prepared and will execute our duplicate signed original tax deductible receipt on Corporate Letterhead. No other claim of cash or money order donation made with the Organization will be accepted or honored, as such then likely then involves an attempt of fraud. The Organizations reserves all its rights in these matters, to the fullest extent permitted by law.


aHAND4 Life! highly discourages with its greatest advisement - DO NOT DONATE CASH OR MONEY ORDERS BY MAIL! US Mail is known to be fraught with "lost mail" involving cash parcels. Such are typically uninsurable, and the "chain of custody" is not a "chain of custody" in the legal sense. Thus, your donation MAY well be intercepted before it is properly delivered to an Officer of this Organization's Officer - who alone has a legal responsibility to the Organization for safe and secure handling. So, please DO NOT MAIL CASH OR MONEY ORDERS - there are many other more secure and viable methods to provide your best donation possible! Thank you in advance, and apologies for any inconvenience.