PSPD Membership & Clientship!


We work diligently to promptly qualify you and begin Services, as possible, to our mutual expectations and successes!

We follow our Vision and Mission, according to our Articles, Bylaws and Policies, to serve you - a person with a chronic Significant Physical Disability due to Development or Accident! We know The Need is Great! So we are "Focused!" *

Whether we can Qualify you as Member or Client - with your sincere, strong intention, motivation and compatible interest, plus our Skills & Resources, we CAN make a REAL difference with "YOUR Life Plan! ™"

Membership OR Clientship Requirements!

1) Registration & Acceptance:

a) Register Online! - Just a list of questions (Qualifications & Program Needs), and Affirm.
b) We work to confirm the PSPD Category (A), as possible. If so, we assign a Registration ID.

2a) Membership Application & Acceptance:

a) Apply Online! - including Conflict of Interest Check, Ethics Agreement & supporting Documents.
b) We review to Requirements, Nominate and Elect as possible - with your acceptance each Step. `
c) Your Quarterly (or Annual) Membership Dues - $36/Qtr or $192/yr (=only $12/mo!)
Please NOTE: to accept a Directorship position, Member must commit to INCREASED Dues of $49.75/Qtr. or $199/Yr. (=$16.58/Mo.).**
d) We assign Member ID and hold "Kickoff Teleconference" - To finalize "YOUR Life Plan! ™".

2b) Clientship Application & Acceptance:

a) Apply Online! - including Conflict of Interest Check, Ethics Agreement & supporting Documents.
b) Develop Client Letter Agreement or Contract, as possible.. Define "Needs", "aH4L! Deliverables", Endpoints, Metrics, "Assumptions", Logistical details, Negotiate Rates, Execute Agreement.
c) Services and Fee(s) begin, pursuant to our Letter Agreement or Contract (payment schedule).

3) Continued Membership & Clientship in "Good Standing" (per Policies & Agreements).

Get started today on YOUR path to a better, higher quality, more independent and happier future!

Membership & Clientship Benefits!

1. Benefit from knowing firstly that your contribution AND VOTE for Directors helps us deliver HIGH QUALITY Charitable living improvements to SPECIAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU, in significant need - financially, emotionally and within your Spirit!

2. Then Benefit, to your demonstrated need and YOUR Life Plan!, in our Programs & Sub-Programs:

1-aHAND4 ® CARE! - help for all types of individualized quality and innovative"Total-CARE" solutions.
aHAND4 ® Caregiving!     aHAND4 ® Friends!     aHAND4 ® Education!
aHAND4 ® Companion Animals!

2-aHAND4 ® LEGAL! - important information & guidance for your decision-making, +legal referrals!
aHAND4 ® Medical/Dental/Optical Matters!     aHAND4 ® Housing Matters!
aHAND4 ® Special Needs Trusts!     aHAND4 ® Conservatorships!

3-aHAND4 ® FINANCES! - help for important personal money management for better understanding, goals, and potential growth and improved self-reliance.
    aHAND4 ® No Debt! aHAND4 ® Excellent Credit     aHAND4 ® Career Counseling!
aHAND4 ® Employment!
aHAND4 ® Working In Corporations/ Small Co's/Colleges & Universities!

4-aHAND4 ® HOMES! - help to locate, occupy, better manage, paint, reduce costs!
aHAND4 ® Finding My Home!     aHAND4 ® My Security Deposit!
aHAND4 ® Operating My Home!     aHAND4 ® Painting in My Home!     aHAND2 ™ Move!

5-aHAND4 ® THINGS! - help to promptly find cost-effective items for your home, within your budget - and FREE THINGS! (with accountability) for those with qualified low-income need!

The Membership & Clientship Lifecycle!

Continuing successful Participation together, or Completion, per Plan! Then let's help others!

* aHAND4 ® Life! Articles, Bylaws, and Polices apply. Please review all links on this page and below.

** Please NOTE: aHAND4 ® Life! is aware our qualified low-income Members are on strict budgets. Our token Membership fee, however, symbolizes a necessary the committment Member must make to show they have "skin in the game", and are finanicially serious, and willing to participate actively with Program Leadership & Staff ("take ownership"), with their fare share, for greater self-reliance and benefits. Our Founding Ambassador, himself a low-income significantly physically disabled person and Member, has tested against his budget, and recommended this level of committment. Such was then unanimously approved by the Board of Directors.

Many things are Possible!

...with ...

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... and with YOU at the Center, loved & supported!

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WE can agree to do most anything!

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older blind man in wheelchair with companion dog alongside older man sitting outside with very enlarged leg*