aHAND4 Life! - Refund Policy!

Refund Policy

Of Donations

1. All Donations to aHAND4 Life!(aH4L!) are final, as is explained by our Policy regarding Donations. This includes all Memberships with the exception of Charitable Beneificiary Membership (see #2 below)

Of Charitable Memberships

2. Regarding Charitable Membership, if you change your mind about becoming a Charitable Beneficiary Member of aHAND4 Life!(aH4L!) [either Primary (PSPD) or Secondary (financially needy Caregiver of a PSPD)], we are happy to honor your decision provided you do so within the following Limitations. Please know we will work with you, but the legal process below must be followed:

  • you MUST make your decision promptly, before Services or Goods ("Things!") are rendered by aHAND4 Life!, AND within a reasonable short period of time, as we begin work on "YOUR Life Plan!" shortly after your Election". We allow for cancellation at the start if made immediately after our Nomination and Election process, within five (5) business days; AND

  • you MUST also make your notice to us IN WRITING. Email is an acceptable form of writing, provided a) it is sent from YOUR email address of record provided in the Nomination/Election process, AND if accompanied by a Phone call from you or your Legal Guardian or Conservator. We need to confirm your the Member-elect actually sent the email. You MUST other send the written notice by Certified/Registered Letter, by US Mail or an equivalent authentic 3rd Party delivery carrier (e.g. UPS or FedX). We will not question your decision, though would wish you would allow us to Serve you, and upon receipt of such Notice above

  • WE will promptly cancel your pending beginning Membership, AND remit your initial month's Membership, within five (5) additional business days, by the original method of funds provision (i.e. credit/debit refund if Membership payment was provided by Credit/Debit transaction, or by Check, if payment was made by check. Please allow an additional 3-5 business days if we are mailing a refund check. As well, for Credit/Debit payments, there MAY be fees at YOUR institution due to the refund, and aHAND4 Life! assumes no responsibility for this. Please consult your financial institution IN ADVANCE of your Notice to us.

  • Your MUST also call our offices (Member Service at 1-310-445-8889) if you are sending your Notice by email and not Certified/Registered Mail carrier. Please leave a message with a few comments about your decision, for Quality Assurance so we can help other Candidates in the future. Please NOTE: phone messages alone are NOT sufficient Notice, as we cannot easily Authenticate such is the Member, or such is their intent. All cancellation/refund Notices MUST be made IN WRITING, and mailed to our Home Office listed on our Contact Us page.

  • Once "in Service" as a member, whether one day or one week or more, a) refunds of Membership Dues for the CURRENT MONTH are NEVER refundable; b) Refunds of FUTURE Service months (those AFTER written Notice (above) is received in our Offices, WILL be made as outlined above. We must NOTE, however, that those Members who are further participating in the aHAND4 Things! Program, and have received ANY "Things!" (i.e. delivered to their residence), Membership cancellation is FURTHER limited in similar fashion regarding the "in-process period". The aHAND4 Things! Program REQUIRES six (6) month ADVANCE Membership payment. Thus, this period is immediately considered "in-process" once started, and is thus NEVER refundable. If however additional period payment(s) have been made, such as "for the year", the FUTURE period Membership payment is fully refundable, if Notice is provided, and we receive, as stated above.

  • aHAND4 Life! reserves it's right to refuse or cancel Sponsorship, and refuse or return/refund any (provided) donation(s) from any Individual, Corporation, Company, Organization, etc. where we, in our sole discretion determine or learn the values and public character and image of the donor are not well consistent with our Organization's Beginnings, Values, Vision, Mission, Articles, Bylaws, Policies, Programs, and/or Membership, etc.
  • 3. If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please submit them in writing via our Contact Us page above, or please call our Member Services at the phone number listed above. We will do our best to address your questions or any concerns.