aHAND4 Life! - Results!


Our apologies, this page is yet under Construction.

In the meantime, please view our FaceBook page on this subject matter. And please check back again soon for an update!

Update planned: 15Jun14

Please note, we are in our "Launch" and "Scale-up" Phase, beginning in June, 2014. Launch will continue thru October, 2014, and "scale-up" will continue then thru 2016. Please understand the Mission and Vision of our Organization are substantial. But so is the Need of our growing list of Members, and Clients. As such then, are targeted activities, service, fundraisers, etc. are still somewhat subject to change. And as yet, our Membership is limited, but will soon grow exponentially, we believe. We appreciate your patience! We are working to execute our 2014 to 2016 Operational Plan, which will produce the targeted "Results" - both in improvement in the quality of life and happiness of our PSPD Members and Client, and in our Financials. So then, we are asking for your help, so we can together execute our Operational Plan. "Join Us" in support, one way or another. This IS a great work!

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