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"well-being and happiness"!

aHAND4 Life!'s approach for our VIP! Members & Clients, OF — excellent STRATEGY, proven LEADERSHIP, emphasis on QUALITY, and efficient use of TECHNOVATION — are built on, and leverage an underlying philosophy and proprietary business method (US & Global Patent Pending), entitled "The 5 C's! ™".

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This philosophy for successful, semi-independent living and happiness developed by Founder Mr. Edward LeMahieu, of necessity, over a number of years managing the young Adult life of his son Brett LeMahieu's (Co-Founder) and Brett's transition in to, and then successful living in Adult "supported living" (in California). Efforts began in 2002, and by all objective measures (many unsolicited praises!), Brett achieved a steady state of "happiness" by roughly 2006!

TO tirelessly define & implement with Stakeholders (VIP! Member or Client and Family, IN PRIORITY ORDER, INCREASING to VIP! GOALS : 
"1-CAPABILITY"to routinely assist in "improved CAPABILITY" in life and living matters.
"2-CAREGIVING"to routinely "Put the "C!" in "healthCare" & "Caregiving" - unsurpassed (C)OMPASSION" ™
"3-COMPANIONSHIP"to routinely assist in quality/qualified Animal and People interactions.
"4-COMMUNITY"to routinely assist in quality/qualified Community interaction.
"5-CONTENTEDNESS"to routinely provide exceptional guidance/training to ADD to 1-4!.

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TO MATRIX (simultaneously implement) "Life according to the 5C's" with our PROGRAMS (also of Priority Order, Increasing to VIP! Goals)
1-CARE!key Programs to routinely assist in helping to improve healthcare, caregiving, companionship and capability*.
2-LEGAL!key Programs to routinely assist in helping to assure solid legal understanding and position, including "rights" & "responsibilities", for life according to the 5C's!*.
3-FINANCES!key Programs to routinely assist in helping to assure financial literacy and planning, no debt, great credit, understanding for work, or even a business*.
4-HOMES!key Programs to assist in locating, moving in, then operating a quality home*
5-THINGS!a Program for low income VIP! Members (only) to provide "permitted use", based on NEED, of essential "often unaffordable" "Things!" for their home*.

* NOTING: all the above are based on Resource availability of the Organization.
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