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Investment Finance

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Qualifications, Advisorship, Service!

All aHAND4 ® Life!'s Professional Advisors are professionals in high regard in their field and affirm in Application, their living with high ethical character. Each has a significant amount of experience, typically ten (10) or more years, demonstrable skills, are recognized by their peers, and most are recognized by Community in which they live and work! Some even have (though isn't required) helpful, special insight in to Not-for-Profit Service and Membership Organizations

Each also has demonstrated motivation in Professional Membership in this Organization, and ultimately in Advisorship and indirect Service to VIP! Members & Clients - PEOPLE with a Chronic, Significant Physical Disability due to Development (PCSPDD) - and substantial need.

We offer limited Advisorship Categories of high interest to the Organization, and a maximum of two (2) exclusive positions in each Category. We are highly selective in filling these positions as they directly support aHAND4 ® Life!, and Executive Management (President and Chairman).

Finally, our Professional Advisors are attracted to their role in serving the President and/or Chairman, to make a difference in the noble cause we serve in - sharing guidance and insight from their field(s) of expertise, for the Organization's operation and growth.

aHAND4 ® Life!'s Professional Advisors, are duly Nominated (either before or after Registering and Applying), and as possible, are then Elected for Service, subject to Board ratification. Advisors may serve unlimited, successive, one (1) year terms.

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We seek Professional Advisors of distinction in the Community, preferrably long-term. Join?!

We believe as time goes on, aHAND4 ® Life!'s Professional Advisor postions will be highly sought after!