aH4L! - Mission!

Our Mission!

Mission (Service) Statement!

To our VIP!s, People with a chronic, Significant Physical Disability due to Development (PCSPDD), by their responsibility and reasonable effort toward self-reliance, aHAND4 Life! ® and the Community ARE:

"...supporting YOUR living!"®,   "...as needed, 4Life!"™



Mission (Service) Executive Summary!


1. Exist in role and status as a US Public Charity, led by its Directors, executed by its Staff & Community resources

2. Serve & Support Primary Beneficiaries who are Members with a chronic, Significant Physical Disability due to Development (PSPD), and resulting substantial financial need, as they live responsibly and strive toward self-reliance and live life with liberty and pursue happiness in their "Supported Living" environment,

3. Serve thru the following diversity of essential, effective, prioritized Programs, with their sub-Programs, meeting each day, essential or unmet living needs, for a "Total Quality of Life (TQL), and particularly, as possible, Self-Reliance and Happiness improvement:
  1-CARE!,   2-LEGAL!   3-FINANCES!,   4-HOMES! & 5-THINGS! (Members Only)

4. have as its approach, providing "Best-in-Class"   Strategy,   Leadership,   Quality,   Technology & Innovation and "The 5Cs";

5. leverage its Services and Approach above, as permitted within our Public Charity status, similarly for VIP! Clients.

Mission (Service) Scope!

aHAND4 Life!'s ® Scope of Services shall be 4-Fold:

1) For our VIP! Members, those with demonstrated financial need, by their LOW Income & financial Networth, and thereby qualified by "US Charitable Standards", we will leverage our US Public Charity (IRS recognized 501c3) "tax-exempt" status in performance of our Mission above - we will faithfully, effectively, efficiently, and equitably, gather, apply and distribute our Human, Technologicial and Financial Resources - all which are substantially by Public donations or government (State &/or Federal appropriated) funding;

2) For our VIP! Clients, to leverage our Resources & Core Competencies and similarly Serve in our Mission stated above, as permitted by US law governing Public Charities (501 c 3);

3) For the responsible Caregivers and "Elders" of our VIP! Members & Clients - i.e. their lawful Parents & families, Caregivers, Guardians and/or Conservators, to develop and provide Information Resources, and work as a "Team" in accomplishing the Mission above; and

4) For the Public in the local Communities of our VIP! Members & Clients, in their role as "benefactor", to similarly effectively, efficiently and equitably serve and offer opportunities to participate, contribute, inspire, be inspired, and pursue their INDEPENDENCE (i.e. as declared for all US Citizens, "Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness") - i.e., enjoy an equitable fullness of life!

Mission (Service) Commitment!

aHAND4 ® Life!, by unanimous resolution of its Board ('14), and with its Staff & involved Community, COMMIT IN SERVICE, each day, TO:

1) fulfill all the stated elements of our Mission and Service Scope and Commitment as stated above;

2) with "Not-for-Profit Operational Efficiency" of 85% or greater, ("$Direct" Services & Household Goods (Things!), over "$Indirect" expenses),

3) become "Best-in-Class" as measured by industry standard metrics, "setting the bar" where no metrics exist, and;

4) where the Technology and Innovation Service above uses the latest in computer and tele-video Technology, as Resources permit, in a highly integrated fashion of optimized “TeleGuidance” and "In-home Care";

5) in our Services above, always provide high-impact, valued human resources and Program delivery with "priority", based on need(s), in a highly effective manner, and utilizing successful methods such as "The 5C’s!”™, working to deliver for each VIP! "Ever-improving:" (1) Capability, (2) Caring (Compassion), (3) sense of Companionship (4) sense of Community and (5) Contentedness]; and

6) in our Service Scope above, as an Organization and the Community (Public), to do so efficiently and effectively as "Vendor" or "Supplier" where necessary, working to help reduce the burden on Government where possible.