aHAND4 Safe Havens!

We envision various types of "Safe Havens", and are working with developers, investors, banks and agencies to address the chronic issue of limited supply of quality, safe, affordable housing for "Supported Living" of our VIP! Members (eventually low income Clients may participate).

Mission Statement

aHAND4 ® Life! exists in service as a US Public Charity to substantially improve the "total quality" of life, independence and happiness of its Membership and Clients, people who are living capably and responsibly in a "supported living environment" with a chronic, significant physical disability due to development or accident (PSPD)™.

Mission Summary

aHAND4 ® Life! will, with the Community, in pursuit of the Mission above, to:

  • maintain and leverage its US Public Charity "tax-exempt" status (US 501c3) to effectively accomplish the Mission above; and
  • operate with the utmost of efficiency (85% mandated by Board resolution) in providing our primary beneficiaries, charitably needy PSPD Membership, necessary, charitable Services & Household Goods;
  • perform our delivered Services primarily as highly integrated and optimized “TeleCare” and "In-home Care", with creativity, effectiveness, by prioritized Programs, and based on “The 4 C’s” ™ [Improving: (1)Capability, (2)Sense of Companionship (3)Sense of Community and (4)Contentedness]; and
  • provide also select human resource Services in Education! and Training! to our secondary beneficiaries, who are any charitably needy Caregivers of PSPD; and
  • serve also using our skill and human resource capabilities, Clients in the Community who meet the medical qualifications of our PSPD Membership, either directly, or thru "Vendorization" with various Agencies and Companies in the field of "semi-independent” and “Supported Living”, working always to reduce the burden of Government; and; and
  • leverage our resources to provide people responsible for the care and living of PSPD, such as Parents, Guardians, Conservators, essental information so we may work as a team in the Mission above, on behalf of the PSPD.