In Memory of Jess LeMahieu

honorary advisor, caregiving, Jess LeMahieu portrait Jess had a significant influence on the Founder and Co-founder of aHAND4 ® Life!, Mr. Edward and Mr. Brett LeMahieu (son and grandson).

Jess had a unique, caring, capable manner which developed thru his life (below) - elements of which are woven in to the Organization's Services. Jess empathized well with innocent people suffering, particularly those with a significant physical disability. Jess was a strong advocate, sensitive to needs, and respectful of feelings and wishes to simply enjoy life and pursue happiness!

A thread of Caregiving marked Jess's life!

hand photo proto 1 for logoJess's humble beginnings no doubt influenced his value of hard work, and a cooperative family unit, despite adversity. Born in the small mid-western town of Plymouth Wisconsin, Jess grew up in a small upper level apartment (bedroom far right). Jess helped his father and mother own/operate an upholstry/awning business. Mid-life Jess's father Edward succumbed to mercury poisoning, and become non-ambulatory. Necessity influenced Jess in responsibility, caregiving & ingenuity!

hand photo proto 2 for logoJess's father's health deteriorated - his leg sores required daily cleaning and dressing by the family. Over the years, Jess reminded family and friends "I never knew a time when my Dad was healthy. As a kid, I helped mom alot with dad's care, as a young man, after his passing, my brother Jim and I helped support mom financially." Later in Jess's life, his mother Edna succumbed to various debilitations including Alzheimers, and Jess provided his mother Edna care and support thru her passing.

Jess LeMahieu bending over to pick up Co-founder Brett LeMahieuYears later, life presented Jess a final, important caregiving opportunity, via his grandson, Brett, co-founder of aHAND4Life! At an early age, Brett succumbed to a substantial physical debilitation during development called Generalized Dystonia. By mid teen years, Brett had become virtually quadrapalegic, and required two brain surgeries. As Brett semi-recovered and grew to Adulthood in California, he wished to live semi-independently in his own apartment, in a "supported living" environment. With the significant help of his father Edward, City and State, brett has lived successfully in Santa Clara, Salinas, and now in Santa Monica, CA - so, it's been witnessed, thru three decades, Jess, and his wife Anette provided exceptional care, interest, and support of one with a significant, chronic physical disability by development, Mr. Brett LeMahieu!

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Edward W. LeMahieu

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Secretary, Founder, Honored Parent, Son!