Success Stories!

aHAND4 ® Life! completed its Pilot Program successfully and we are now launching Programs and Services on a greater scale in December, 2014. We will recruit Members & Clients and grow in meeting unmet needs and continue our evolution as a US Public Chartity and social Services Organization.

Every story is unique - and was important to the person being helped - and often to their immediate network of family and friends. Most situations go unnoticed by the Public. Most will go unpublished by us, because we feel that's NOT the point - helping AND respecting privacy. Most people dont wish to draw unnecessary attention to themselves anyway. But we will use this page to let you know how we're doing, and share links and details as possible, that we feel are particularly noteworthy and of interest to you.

If you find our work useful - inspirational- and consider making a small donation - we will appreciate it greatly! In any case, you can have confidence we are an Organization that cares deeply about our work, and is focused on the difficult plight of many who are chronically, significantly physically disabled due to development or accident and who cannot otherwise provide all that is necessary to live independently.

  • We are growing and will soon have many successes to share. For now, just one. Help us create more! Join Us as Member/ Client/ etc. - TODAY!

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As a 1st priority ... we provide CARE! solutions ...
"As needed, 4Life! ™"
We will report some of our more notable success stories here ...

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As a 2nd priority ... we provide LEGAL! solutions ...
"As needed, 4Life! ™"
We will report some of more notable success stories here ...

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As a 3rd priority ... we provide FINANCES! solutions ...
"As needed, 4Life! ™"
We will report some of more notable success stories here ...

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As a 4th priority ... we provide HOMES! solutions ...
"As needed, 4Life! ™"
We will report some of more notable success stories here ...

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As a 5th priority ... we provide THINGS! solutions ...
"As needed, 4Life! ™"
We will report some of more notable success stories here ...

a beautiful evening landscape of a high quality housing community

aHAND4 Safe Havens!

This is a program with a very long-term vision - in perpetuity. As a 6th priority ... we are working to address "the Affordable Housing crisis in America!" We hope to report by 2016. With you, we are...
...Supporting YOUR Living!®

* For Privacy Purposes, other than the 1st Photo (left, significant neuro-muscular disability of our Founding Ambassador, Brett E. LeMahieu), photos presented in various places throughout our website, and in our promotional literature, are disability models and not actual aH4L! Members.

* Our Success Stories are understandably limited to our Pilot Program of 2010 thru 2012. aH4L! is just beginning - launching Operations in November in West Los Angeles and San Jose. Please return from time to time to read more on inspirational success stories improving the lives of People with Significant Physical Disability. It will generally NOT BE "made for TV" excitement, because the work is difficult and rather routine. Yet we are confident we will have many stories to tell of how we have significantly helped people with significant need. Thank you again for your Interest!

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