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(1) aHAND4 CARE!

As a 1st priority, we offer our
VIP! Members & Clients "TOTAL Life!  CARE" experience to improve Body & Mind, + Respite,
for successful "Supported Living" and increased self-reliance!

For Sole Support, or to supplement "GAPS" - Caregiving, Respite, Healthcare, Frienships, Companion Animals, Education & Tutoring. GUIDANCE & SOLUTIONS!

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As a 2nd priority, we offer our
VIP! Members & Clients
experienced legal "guidance" (eventually Licensed Attorney) for successful "supported living" and increased self-reliance!

Disability rights (ADA law), Health Insurance, Rental Leases, Employment Agreements, Landlord interactions, Conservatorships. GUIDANCE &SOLUTIONS!

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As a 3rd priority, we offer our
VIP! Members & Clients
experienced financial guidance (eventually Certified Financial Planners) for successful "supported living" /self-reliance!

Budgeting & Financial Literacy, to "No Debt!", "Excellent Credit!", "Employment", "a Business"!". GUIDANCE & SOLUTIONS!

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As a 4th priority, we offer our
VIP! Members & Clients
experience for most aspects of a "home" and successful "supported living"!

Locating apartments, assistance with Security Deposits, to Move, Occupy, Maintain, Improve! "For Safety!" "To be a good neighbor!" GUIDANCE & SOLUTIONS!

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As our final priority, exclusively for VIP! Members (qualified low income), we help in providing access to essential Things! for successful "supported living".

Analysis of unique living needs, then loan of necessities to cook, sleep, learn and simply live - FREE, but WITH Accountability!

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aHAND4 Safe Havens!

We have developed unique insight in to Community "supported living" issues. We dedicate a small (5%) of our valuable resources toward developing new, affordable "supported living" places!

We envision "havens" ultimately, and are working with developers, investors, banks and agencies to address the chronic issue of limited supply of quality, safe, affordable housing for our VIPs!